Unscrewing a world that is screwed

For someone who arrived fairly recently in a history that spans billions of years, humanity has forged the destiny of the planet in unimaginable ways. We have altered its climate to the extent that our survival is threatened. We have polluted its waters to the extent that its life has been poisoned. Each day, we lose more species than we can count. Each day, more forests are destroyed than are planted.

And still we continue like nothing is wrong. Each day is just another day; each day is just another dollar.

I read somewhere…

A 21st Century Drug

In all his wisdom, even Orwell couldn’t have imagined this particular kind of trap.

With the 21st century came a brand new drug. A drug that isn’t made of chemicals or organic matter. A drug that is just as addictive as cocaine or alcohol. A drug that captures the hearts and minds of its consumers.

A drug called social media.

It’s no secret that social media was designed to be addictive and this continues to be its main function. The more we use social media, the more advertising revenue it gets. Our attention is a valuable…

Whatever the world seems to be going through, memers find a way to smile. Perhaps we should all should learn to be like memers. But just not the ones who take it too far.

For those feeling like the world is still falling apart, here’s something to bring you comfort: The trans Tasman bubble has opened up between Australia and New Zealand and with it comes a deluge of two way traffic. Sites of tearful family and friends embracing after ages will surely warm your heart. And the prospect of resuming commerce between the two nations will give many hope.

So, apparently, being called a “Black cunt” is not racist. At least, that’s what Guy Ritchie would have you believe. (I am not a football fan, but I am guessing this idea was planted in his head by the ex-Chelsea defender, John Terry). As the character who simply goes by “Coach” (Terry, ironically, also happens to be a coach now) in his recent blockbuster, “The Gentlemen” points out to one of his boys, if you are black and also a “cunt”, there is nothing racist about putting both the words together when addressing you. In fact, the character explains, it’s…

Samar Pant

White collar working bee with a passion for writing. Published author, amongst other things

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